Saturday, June 10th, 1pm
Open Studios @ Uptown Body & Fender
401 26th St, Oakland, CA 94612
This is a gallery showing, so there'll be people milling around as well as proper seating. We'll also be amplified for this gig. 
Lucian Kano Balmer- violin, vocals
Francesca Genco- vocals
Josh Mellinger- tabla
Ivo Bokulic- viola

June 17th, 730pm
Episcopal Church of the Incarnation

1750 29th ave, San Francisco, CA

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Lucian Kano Balmer is a violinist, vocalist, and composer, who performs original compositions often described as "raga-infused," with tabla player Josh Mellinger, sitarist Joanna Mack, and vocal artist Francesca Genco. He has studied vocals with renowned Hindustani vocalist, Shweta Jhaveri as well as Bruce Hamm, senior disciple of Ali Akbhar Khan. In the past, he's also performed with award winning guitarist Shambhu Vineberg, and with sarod player Lisa Sangita Moskow.

He is widely praised for the deep, meditative quality of his music, using both his violin and exquisite voice to demonstrate the spiritual power of music for healing and reviving the soul.

Interested in booking me? For small house concerts to large venues, I'm available. I also love to work on other artists recordings in many different genres of music.

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violin, viola, vocals, composition.

Older tunes from my first album "Open Invitation," rehearsal snippets, and demos are streaming below.
You can find my music on Spotify, iTunes, BandCamp, SoundCloud, ReverbNation,, and many other sites.
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